Wednesday, December 10, 2008


First of all, sorry for showing plain thoughts, without specific technical background.
I have found, that I like minimal things. I like:

1. Ipod shuffle 2nd generation - it does not have screen. It has only the blinking led. It has only one hole through which it gets charged, filled with data and into which your favourite headphones fit flawlessly.
2. TRAC. Yes, this is an abbreviation. This is a tracking software (for bugs, change requests, some planning, for vivd documentation and for having all this stuff interlinked well. THis really works hard.
3. Awesome window manager. THis drives me crazy. Perfect thing for professional works with computer. It is tiling window manager, it does not have nor window headers neither borders, windows don't get overlapped normally, all is powered with keyboard. Result: you don't spend time on working with windows - dragging, resizing, etc.. You just spend time on working.

I hope to explain more of this stuff in the future posts, but tendency is prominent.
Things take your time. You need some things. So, you need things which take minimal amount of your time - MINIMAL ones.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Audio feeds

Never used podcasts before. Tried JavaPOSSE.
They seem to be rocking, but again - for me it is too lightweight style.

I'd like to see them more strict and technical.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time, endless short time

We have all heard of this principle, we try to use whenever we can.
There are tons of books about programming that use this principle - XP KISS system design, KISS code, which is easy-readable.

I have spent about 3 hours fighting with Ubuntu sound systems. I have discovered that there are several different sound servers/systems/modules that do use sound devices on different level of abstraction and HAVE NO COMMON INTERFACES.

Know what? My sound disappeared: I could not call with skype, I could not listen to music; no sound at all. I tried to revert to the original configuration, back and force - no sound at all.

And know what the problem was? My pcm device was muted in the mixer. I spent few minutes checking and fixing that. And three hours finding out what the hell is going on.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting to work e-mail posts

This is a sample post, trying to check how formatting (code formatting) works within blogger when sending the post from the Gmail. Hope this would be OK.
This is a sample code
public void a() {
And this is a sample comment, that how differernt formatting would be seen...

Alexander Cherednichenko,
Software Engineer at DataArt

[ the only way out is the way up ]

So what - starting...

So, I decided to try one more time, and start blogging. Hope, this would bring some good things definitely to me, and possibly to ones who would get here.

I am going to post here nopt only technical notes, but also some interesting links, ideas, solutions...

Hope, I'll get a GWT presentation here soon...